We, at GnG affiliates, are thrilled to let you know we have had our brands reviewed by one of the most popular Norwegian websites – https://www.norskeautomater.com/. Among the brands that have found their place, there are those that the people of Norway have found to be the most suitable for them. This includes convenient payment methods, an appealing user interface, great customer support, and special promotions, etc.

On the website you will be able to go through extensive reviews that feature all the ups and downs of the casinos that are being reviewed – nothing has been spared. Thanks to this in-depth information, all the website visitors have the ability to objectively assess whether or not to play in a certain casino. The difference between good and bad casinos can be enormous as this could mean that you might actually avoid a shady brand that will rip you off. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers and we are happy to see that this attitude has been noticed by others as well.

It’s always a great joy to us to see such exposure for our Scandinavian customers as our strive is to become one of the leading brands in that particular region of the world.